About me

My first step in the radio world was by pure chance. I was an explorer from an early age, and in high school I started to get from practice to theory, and there I discovered the magic of radio waves. It began with the reception of shortwave radio on the radio receiver VEF-204, which was produced in the early 70s of last century in the former USSR. The next steps followed the exact opposite as they were at the time. I built a receiver for the 80m band and after the first listener successes also a transmitter (!!!), which went to the telecommunications office. I was lucky because I knocked on the office of some Ing. Jaroslav Just (at that time OK3CTA) which was quite an important switch in my amateur radio life. In the first moment, he was horrified by what I brought for the construction, but he correctly estimated the interest and sent me to the address of the OK3Kii radio club in Bratislava. There I met my mentor Marian OK3CAW (now VE3VEE), who showed me everything I needed, introduced me to DXing and contesting, but my relatively fast progress was interrupted by Marian's emigration :-(

Marian moved me quite significantly to the "low bands", especially to the 80m DXing. In connection with the issue of my first OL8CTA concession (the similarity with OK3CTA is not accidental) in December 1985, I smelled at the 160m band and that has remained a matter of my heart to this day.

In 1988 I upgraded to OK3TKW but I was just at military service with limited access to hamradio. But again lucky, I met communication officer in military unit in Kralovice - Tonda OK1AAD he give me a premission to use clubstation OK1KVY in 1989-1990.

After returning home, I started working at 160m and 80m from the home QTH in Bratislava as OK3TKW and later from 1993 as OM3TKW.


Bratislav v roku 1990


OK TOP BAND meeting, Staňkov 1990

QTH v Bratislave 1993

So synkom Riškom v Seredi v roku 2000

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