Welcome to my site, mainly about amateur radio, and a bit about other activities related to it. Once occurred to me that perhaps I could save all my experiences that I had with radio over the years. Perhaps there will be someone who will find the information from this site somehow useful. I don't want to make a hole in the world or invent hot water. I just want to say that this beautiful hobby is fantastic fun in all its areas, which brings me fulfillment. I am not strongly focused on any of the radio-related activities. In recent years, I have found my way to perhaps every area of ‚Äč‚Äčamateur radio, whether it is technology, digi operation, long waves, HF, VHF or microwaves, but mainly to expeditionary activities and contesting. I am gradually filling the site with content, so I just hope that in time you will find some interesting information for everyone on the site.


73 de Richard OK8WW / OM2TW